Latvia Through the Seasons: A Weather Guide for Every Traveler

August 26, 2023
A Seasonal Guide to Latvia: Beautiful view of the National Park of Kemeri, Jurmala, Latvia.

Latvia, a jewel in the Baltic crown, offers a kaleidoscope of climates throughout the year, each bringing its own flavor and adventures. Whether draped in spring blossoms, basked in summer light, gilded with autumn leaves, or shrouded in winter snow, Latvia promises a unique experience in each season. For those setting foot for the first time in this picturesque country, understanding its seasonal weather patterns is crucial to a well-planned itinerary. This guide unveils what each season holds, empowering travelers to select the perfect time for their Latvian exploration.

Spring in Latvia: Rejuvenation and Bloom

As the grip of winter loosens, Latvia’s springs usher in a refreshing new chapter. The air, still crisp from the retreating cold, gradually warms up, with average temperatures rising from a cool 0°C in March to a mild 15°C by May. This season witnesses a dramatic rebirth, where the countryside blooms with daffodils and the streets of Riga are lined with the vibrant colors of tulips and cherry blossoms.

During this period of renewal, Latvia celebrates various spring festivals. Easter is particularly notable, with its blend of Christian traditions and ancient Latvian rituals. The Riga International Film Festival also takes place, attracting cinema enthusiasts from across the globe. For the active traveler, national parks such as Gauja become idyllic spots for hiking and bird watching as nature awakes.

Summer in Latvia: Sunshine and White Nights

Latvian summers are an embodiment of mild beauty, with temperatures comfortably sitting between 20°C to 25°C. The phenomenon of “white nights,” when the sun barely sets, gives way to long, light-filled days, perfect for exploration and enjoying the outdoors. The Baltic Sea beckons with its inviting temperatures, and the coastal town of Jūrmala becomes a hotspot for sunbathers and water sports aficionados.

Festivals abound in the Latvian summer. The Riga Jurmala Music Festival fills the air with classical melodies, while the Sigulda Opera Festival offers breathtaking performances against the backdrop of the medieval Sigulda Castle. Nature trails in Kemeri National Park are at their most alluring, offering boardwalks through swamps and forests teeming with life.

Autumn in Latvia: A Tapestry of Colors

Autumn sees Latvia transform under a canopy of fiery hues, with temperatures ranging from a comfortable 10°C in September to a cooler 5°C in November. This is the season to witness the breathtaking fall foliage in cities and the countryside alike. The harvest time also brings with it a bounty of fresh produce, celebrated in markets and festivals such as the Riga Balsam Festival, where Latvia’s national liqueur is honored.

It’s also a time for quieter exploration — the crowds of summer have dissipated, allowing for a more contemplative experience of Latvia’s cultural sites. The Latvian National Opera offers a rich program, and Riga’s art nouveau architecture seems even more striking against the autumnal palette.

Winter in Latvia: Snow-Clad Serenity

Winter envelops Latvia in a serene, snowy blanket, with temperatures often dropping below freezing, to as low as -5°C. This transforms the country into a winter sports paradise — bobsledding, ice skating, and cross-country skiing become popular pastimes. The Christmas markets in Riga offer a warm reprieve from the cold, with mulled wine and handcrafted gifts adding to the festive atmosphere.

The winter landscape is breathtaking, offering scenes straight out of a fairytale. Ice sculptures take shape in Jelgava, and the frozen Gulf of Riga becomes a natural skating rink. Though the days are short, the cultural life is vibrant, with indoor activities taking center stage.

Travel Tips for Seasonal Weather

To fully enjoy Latvia’s varied climates, preparation is key. Spring and autumn require layers that can adapt to the fluctuating temperatures, while summer calls for lighter wear and sun protection. In winter, thermal clothing and waterproof outerwear are essential. Regardless of the season, always be ready for the occasional rainfall and brisk Baltic winds.


Latvia’s weather is as diverse as its landscape, with each season offering its own unique set of experiences. From the fresh springs and verdant summers to the golden autumns and snowy winters, every period has its own charm. By choosing the right season for your travel preferences, whether it’s nature, culture, or adventure, your trip to Latvia can be an experience of a lifetime, etched in memory with the distinct colors of its seasons.